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Man CBD oil is everywhere? Does it really cure everything? Is it safe to take? What can it be used for that we know right now? Any side effects? Watch and find answers to these and more questions that you may have.

Is that my gall bladder? What can I do to my diet to prevent this awful pain? Do I really need surgery? What side effects come after surgery? Watch and find out.

Is conola oil healthy or not? Man that is the question. Watch and maybe we can help you make heads or tails of this.

Ever worried about your vitamin D level and how to replace it? Watch this video to learn more.

Are you feeling run down and people have told you that you look pale? Maybe it is iron deficiency? There are so many reasons to have this and symptoms are kind of vague. Listen and learn more about iron deficiency and how you can help improve your iron stores with you...

Have you been told you have B12 deficiency and are wondering what diet modifications you can make to improve this? Maybe you wonder about supplement use? Watch this video and find those answers and more.

Oh man! This video made me tired just making it...hehehe....What are the common causes of fatigue? What can I do to help with fatigue? zzzzz