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Direct Primary Care

Welcome to Accomplished Health and Wellness. 

No insurance needed.
No hidden fees. 

Health Care made easy.

Direct Primary Care

What is DPC?

Direct primary care (DPC) is a new take on an old model. The old model; you pay for your care directly to your provider.  So, they can be more readily available for you. The new take; your care is paid in the form of a monthly membership fee; a payment plan for your care for the year, so to speak. 

The regular and recurring membership fee allows us to overcome some of the pressures associated with the traditional payment system. Because of this membership fee, DPC benefits you by providing a greater degree of access to, and time with, your healthcare provider. This model promotes the development of a more meaningful relationship with your healthcare provider, while offering high-quality primary care services and giving you the time and attention you need and deserve. Patient-centered care is at the heart of DPC, giving you an opportunity to spend more time interacting with your provider in ongoing follow-up services, in order to better accomplish your health and wellness goals.

Additionally, we provide a larger array of non-face-to-face services, such as telehealth visits, text messaging, and email to ensure primary care services can be accessed in a manner most convenient for you and your family. Since we are no longer generating revenue based solely upon how many patients we see per day, we are able to spend more time with you in face-to-face visits. All visits are 30-60 minutes based on your needs, which means you have plenty of time to ask questions and discuss options.

We can provide urgent care services, such as stitches, treatment for coughs, colds, flu, COVID 19, etc.  Most of these can even be accomplished virtually. Obviously not stitches, they are done in-person.

We also strive to find you cost-effective care and prevention outside of the clinic when necessary.  We work with vendors and other specialists that believe this as well.  For example, we work with Quest and Lab Corp to offer affordable labs for our patients.  

We also dispense some medications, not controlled substances, through the clinic at an affordable price.  We compare pricing too, and we will send prescriptions out to all the major pharmacies if that is more convenient and cost-effective for you. 

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