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Direct Primary Care

Membership Pricing

No insurance needed.
No hidden fees. 

Health Care made easy.

Membership Pricing

With a paying Adult Member:                                                                                                            

0-100+ years of age                           $105 per month             


Family (2 adults &                              $330 per month                           

2 dependents <18)   


College students                                $60 per month             

till the age of 24


Without a paying Adult Member:


0-18 years of age                                $105 per month             


College students                                 $105 per month             

Till the age of 24



Enrollment Fee                                    $75/household

Enrollment Fee                                    $300 or $500/business

Re-enrollment Fee                               $150/member


*Non-refundable fee.  Should your membership lapse or be terminated, the re-enrollment fee, plus any outstanding balance, must be paid to be considered for possible re-instatement.  However, re-enrollment is not guaranteed.


All osteopathic adjustments for members are $75.

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