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Your Health and Wellness journey starts here.

IMAGINE a practice where your health goals are defined by you and accomplished through a partnership with your doctor. A practice where time is granted for each relationship to form and where access to you provider is a reality. This is our promise at Accomplished Health & Wellness

Direct Primary Care


Do you ever wish that you had a doctor in the family?  That's what it should be like.  Only time and patience allows you to build a foundation of trust through a personal relationship with your physician. Time is a prized commodity, but at

     Accomplished Health & Wellness,

we strive to give you the time you need to feel heard. This way we can work together to create your health goals and a plan to achieve those goals.

We offer appointment times that allow you to ask your questions and not feel rushed.


Take that step and join the family!


Wellness is the state of being and actively pursuing your health goals. It is so much more than just being healthy, though.  Wellness involves all the other things that keep you feeling good; about life and about yourself.  There are so many things that help you feel your best. 

At Accomplished Health and Wellness, you will work closely with your healthcare provider to find what works best for you so that you can keep reaching your wellness goals! 

Don't you think it's time to start?

Our Mission

At Accomplished Health and Wellness, we strive to provide each member with cost effective care that is tailored to your personal needs, focusing on preventative measures to improve your health through lifestyle modifications and setting achievable goals together.  



Regenerative Medicine


Dr. Jennifer Smith


"I love bragging to people that I have the best preventative care!"


"Very friendly, Dr. Smith. Explains in details, good at giving simple solutions and home remedies as well :)"


"I have been seeing Dr. Smith for a couple years now, and she is absolutely amazing."
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