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Virtual visit?  What's that?

So a virtual visit is just that.  It is a visit through the computer.  The nice thing about virtual visits is that it is convenient and fast.  They take place where you are.  They may not take place at the exact time that you want though so you have to be flexible.  But, hey!  You won't necessarily have to wait in that pesky waiting room.  I say, necessarily, because sometimes you will be referred to urgent care or back to you pcp or possibly even to a specialist for further evaluation.  I know when you call in, you will want you problem fixed right now, but that isn't what telemedicine is all about.  It is more of a way to speak with a physician to get their opinion on what to do next.  It doesn't mean that you will get a medication every time or that your problem is even going to be fixable virtually. 

                                                                    Visit cost is $50

Some things that can be done through virtual visits:

Urinary tract infection

Yeast infection

Upper respiratory tract infections

Medication refills to get you to your next appointment with your pcp.  This is only possible for certain medications, not all.  It only entails up to a 30 day supply.

Some forms of pain, no pain meds or muscle relaxers prescribed.



Pink eye

Skin infections

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