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About the Practice

Our Mission

At Accomplished Health and Wellness, I strive to provide each member with cost effective care that is tailored to your personal needs, focusing on preventative measures.  I will work together to accomplish your individual health and wellness goals.

Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care is a new take on an old model.

I usually have same day and next day appointments. I also do a lot of things virtually for your convenience.

Do you remember the last time that you called to get in to see your doctor and was able to see them later that day, the next day, or virtually?  Usually it is 2 weeks from now.  You will be better or dead by then.

I am able to spend time with my patients so that I can really get to know them.   All visits are 30-60 minutes based on your needs, which means you have plenty of time to ask questions and discuss options.

We can communicate with many different modalities; email, text, and phone.  

I can provide urgent care, such as stitches, treatment for coughs, colds, flu, Covid 19, etc.  Most of the time we can even do this virtually so that you don't have to take away from your busy schedule or get off the couch.

I also try to emphasize cost-effective care and prevention.  I work with vendors and other specialists that believe this as well.  For example, I work with Quest and Lab Corp to offer cheap labs for my patients.  

I also dispense medications that are not controlled substances through the clinic at a much cheaper price than you can usually find at the pharmacy.  But we compare pricing, and if I can find it cheaper somewhere else, then I will send you there.  It's like having a doctor-coupon lady!

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