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I grew up in Topeka, KS.  I graduated from Washburn University with a BA in Biology and Chemistry before I headed out East for medical school.  I attended The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine achieving first my Masters Certificate in Biomedical Sciences before entering their osteopathic medical program.  I graduated in the top 10% in my medical school class in 2006.  I continued my education with a family medicine/OMT rural residency in Sayre, PA with Guthrie Health Systems.  I graduated from this program in 2009 and was named Resident of the Year that year as well.  I worked for the first 5 years out of residency in Blue Earth, MN with United Health District.  This was a very small rural community, which is the type of community I love.  I moved back to Kansas for family.  I worked for St. Francis Health Systems for 2 years, which allowed me to realize my dream of opening up my own direct primary care clinic, Accomplished Health and Wellness LLC.  


Direct Primary Care (Our DPC Practice)


Accomplished Health and Wellness is a direct primary care clinic owned and operated by Dr. Jennifer Smith DO. This is a membership based clinic wihtout any pesky co-pays.  We do not accept any form of insurance.  Because you pay a monthly membership fee, we strive to provide you with excellent primary care.  This means offering you same day or next day care, never rushing you through appointments, and being proactive with your healthcare treatment plans. 

What is direct primare care?

Direct Primary Care is an innovative new model for healthcare that is growing rapidly because it gives patients access to better care at lower costs than traditional insurance-based clinics.


  •  Instead of paying high insurance premiums that covers primary care costs, patients (or a patient’s employer) pay a much lower premium for a higher deductible health plan.

  • With a portion of the savings, the patient then pays a set, monthly membership fee to Accomplished Health and Wellness that covers the majority of their primary healthcare services.

  • Under this model, the cost of your primary care is significantly reduced with a dramatic increase in the quality of care you receive: the practice shifts from serving the demands of the insurance company to serving the needs of the patient.

  • This practice shift allows the quality of patient care to be more important than the volume of patients seen.

  • Without so much insurance involvement, we can get back to doing what we went to school for, practicing medicine.  And the traditional doctor-patient relationship can be established once again.

How does direct primary care work?

  • There is a monthly membership fee for every person enrolled. However, we do have a family membership for families of 4 or more.  This membership fee covers office visits for care whether you are sick or well, and is based on age.

  • A low-cost, high-deductible, major medical insurance plan or government approved cost share program covers you and your family in case of serious illness or injury and meets government requirements for health insurance coverage. The cost of this plan plus the direct primary care membership fees is still usually less than the monthly premiums for traditional insurance plans.

  • If you select a high-deductible insurance plan that is eligible for a Health Savings Account (HSA), you can save even more. An HSA is a pre-tax savings account you can use for planned or unplanned healthcare expenses not covered by insurance.  At this time, you cannot use this account to cover your membership fee though.  We hope that will change next year.

  • Some employers offer Flexible spending accounts (FSA).  An FSA  is a special account you put money into that you use to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care costs such as deductibles, medications, labs, and xrays. With the FSA, you can include in medical expenses paid to an osteopath for medical care. Dr. Smith is an osteopath.  So you can call your FSA distributor to find out if your osteopathic medical care membership fee is reimbursable. If it is, you can ask for a monthly receipt to be emailed to you.

  • Lab work and prescription medications are available at discounted rates, which can be payable from the HSA or FSA.

  • Cost share programs are another alternative to traditional health insurance.  With a cost share program you pay a premium every month that is called your shared contribution. You will have an unshared contribution yearly as well that is similar to a deductible.    There are a few different programs out there to choose from:

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