Employer Program:

We are so glad that you have taken the time to explore adding DPC as a benefit for your employees.  We believe that you will enjoy this arrangement as much as your employees will.


How will my business benefit?

  • Awesome Services

  • Decreased workman's comp claims

  • Less sick-time and time away from work

  • Flat or lower premiums

  • Self-funded plan savings

  • Small Businesses

Awesome Services:

We are so glad you asked.  To start, your employees will benefit from all of the awesome services that are available to all members of Accomplished Health and Wellness LLC. We won't list them again here because that would be redundant, but you can read about them under Services.

Decreased workman's comp claims:

Your company will also benefit from a decrease in workman's comp claims.  Because most injuries that occur at the workplace are minor and can be taken care of very easily and affordably by their primary care provider. Instead of sending an employee with a simple laceration or low back strain to the ER, they can be seen very quickly and at no extra cost in our clinic. If the injury is serious or will require referral to specialists, we would naturally recommend the employee go through the proper channels to use the workman’s comp insurance. Otherwise, we can handle a vast majority of minor injuries encountered at the job-site, which means less claims to workman’s comp insurance.

Less sick-time and time away from work:

Your company will also benefit from fewer sick days and less time spent waiting at the clinic for appointments.

With our increased access, your employees can contact us when they first start having an issue, which allows us to treat a major illness at the beginning of their course when they are easier to fix. Your employees sick-time will be less and their return to work will be quicker.

When one of your employees needs to be seen, because of our lower patient volume, they will be seen at their appointment time and will not have to waste half of a work day waiting to be seen.  I hate that!  There are much better ways to spend your time than in a waiting room, especially when you are sick.  

There are many issues that can be handled over the phone or with a quick in and out nurse visit. They may not need to come to our clinic at all.  Because we have an intentionally smaller patient volume, we can do that!


Flat or lower premiums:

Your company will also benefit from flat or lower premiums.  The insurance system is built to continue to increase premiums year to year.  The more claims that go through, the higher your premiums for the following year.  Direct primary care handles the majority of primary care issues affordably without insurance claims submissions. Because the insurance is savings on less claims payouts, they have to pass some of that savings on to you.  The way they do that is by keeping your premiums for the following year the same.  Sometimes the savings are so great that the premiums may even be lower.  In this day and age, that is unheard of!  Currently most businesses are seeing at least a 30% increase in their premiums per year with traditional plans due to the federal ACA.

Self-funded plan savings:

Companies with self-funded plans will see the greatest savings!  If your company really wants to capitalize on the savings with health insurance premiums and overall healthcare costs, switching to a self-funded plan may be the way to go. With this type of plan, the premiums that everyone in your business pays go into a claims pool. Every time someone goes to the doctor or ER, the insurance’s portion of the bill comes out of that claims pool. If we can keep your employees out of the ER and take care of a majority of their issues without insurance, then you get a percentage of that claims pool back at the end of the year. Companies that are currently using the DPC/self-funded combination are saving an initial 10-15% compared to a traditional insurance plan. With the money they get back from the claims pool, that increases to about 30-65% total savings.

Small Businesses:

For some businesses, those with less than 25 employees, it is financially very difficult to offer any health benefits.  And since they don't have to, they don't.  However, a lot of owners still want to offer their employees something.  This is that something that you were looking for.  This is by no means insurance, but it is a health benefit.  The employer is essentially paying for their employee's primary care.  The employee can then switch to a cost-share program or a high deductible health plan, which will lower their premiums each month.  This coupled with DPC gives the employee the added benefit of no co-pays for their primary care.  That is a lot of savings right there!


How does it work?

Your company will sign an agreement with Accomplished Health and Wellness LLC.  As a part of that agreement, your company will pay for each employee's membership every month at 100%.  However, you can charge your employee for some, all, or none of this membership on your end.  Your company will have to sign 5 employees with us.  Then you will benefit from even more savings, otherwise our normal tiered pricing will be utilized. We will charge only one enrollment fee of $75 for the entire account.  We will also only use our 2 lowest membership tiers as your pricing for employer accounts greater than 5 employees.  All employees and their spouses and dependents age 21 and under will be charged $25.  All employees and their spouses above aged 22 will be charged $50, regardless of age.  I will also still offer my family plan if that is cheaper for your employee.


We want to take great care of your employees. We believe that by choosing to provide our services to your employees, you can communicate to them how much that means to you as well.  We know that insurance premiums are ever on the rise, and it is getting harder for businesses to put money where they need to, to make them profitable.  By signing up with a DPC clinic you help us take back command of healthcare. And by doing that, we will help keep your employees healthy and save your company money.  We look forward to forging a long healthy relationship with your company and working together to make all of your and your employee's health and wellness goals accomplished!

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